Las Vegas police help deport illegal immigrants

Since November, the Las Vegas police department has helped initiate deportation proceedings agains nearly 2,000  illegal immigrants who are inmates in the Clark County Detention Center.

In a new partnership that blends criminal law and immigration law enforcement,  Las Vegas police report the names of violent offenders believed to be in the U.S. illegally to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the Clark County program is narrower in scope than that of Maricopa County in Arizona, where police officers can arrest people for immigration violations.  However, once someone has been arrested in Clark County on unrelated charges, they can be screened for possible deportation. 

A Las Vegas police spokesman said  an inmate's criminal history affects whether they initiate deportation proceedings.  Another 1,800 inmates who are illegal immigrants were not reported because they had no violent criminal history.

Critics of the partnership call it tantamount to racial profiling; they say the police's double duty will deter Hispanic community members from reporting crimes.

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Mexican households suffer as relatives in U.S. lose jobs, money

The ripple effect from the imploding U.S. economy has hit especially hard in rural Mexico where millions of families who depend on the money sent home by relatives in the United States suffer as that money dries up. Chris Hawley of The Arizona Republic's Mexico City bureau reports that money transfers are down a record 20 percent in one year.

ICE investigation: targeting employers bigtime

The LATimes reports that federal officials are ramping up their fight against illegal immigrants by targeting the companies that hire undocumented migrants as workers. 
On July 1, Immigration and Customs Enforcement notified 652 businesses in San Antonio, Seattle, San Diego, New York and the Los Angeles area that their records will be audited. 

That single day's notices outnumbered all ICE notices in fiscal 2008.