Zenawi protesters at Copenhagen climate talks: Ethiopia raping women, environment, and killing

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By Alexander Kelly and Blair Kelly
COPENHAGEN -- This is the first of three videos showing the Ogadenian protests against the Ethiopian government and Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. This protester alleges widespread killing and raping by the Ethiopian military, as well as environmental damage.

We heard earlier that the Ogadenians were seeking to set up an autonomous region, like the Kurds in northern Iraq, but these people appear to be calling for full independence.

See our earlier post for details. Our efforts to contact the Ethiopian consultate in Seattle for comment still have not been successful:


Oh my God .... these people are Somalian they cliam as Ethiopian Ogaden, any ethiopian can spot by thier look and accent. What a joke.
What a crappy interview. This white dude just let that Ethiopian man spew all kinds of propaganda with out challenging him by asking hard questions. Ogaden aka Harergehe is Ethiopian, and if this fool hates Ethiopia so much, he is free to move to Somalia. He should be grateful that he is born in civilized Ethiopia. Besides, Ogaden women have their private parts sealed so it is impossible to rape them, it would take a medical procedure and no damn solider has time to do that. But the white man does not know about that, but we Ogadenis do know. he should have asked. Drill Baby Drill.